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The development of Interceptor is motivated by the observation that many projects in the Grid and Peer-to-Peer arenas are developing applications providing various type of services (content distribution, voice communications, CPU cycle stealing, multimedia streaming, anonymity, etc.) and platforms supporting their development, deployment and execution. Very large size systems are often required to implement these services in an efficient and scalable way, and they can usually be built only by assembling resources contributed by many independent users. Among the guarantees that must be providedto convince these users to join these systems, particularly important is the ability of ensuring that  applications and services run on their nodes will not unacceptably degrade the performance of their own applications because of an excessive resource consumption.

Interceptor is currently under development. We have devised a proof-of-concept implementation running on Linux, but it can be easily ported on any POSIX-compliant operating systems. 

More details can be found in the publications section. 


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