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User contributions - Terms of use
These conditions apply to your downloading or use of any material in the User Contributions section of the ShareGrid project Web site. Please read them carefully.
  1. The contributed material is not supported in any way by ShareGrid project. If you have any questions about the material, contact the contributor.
  2. In giving permission to post material in this area, contributors agree that the material is available for general use and redistribution, subject only to the condition that they continue to receive proper attribution as the originator of the material.
  3. Contributed material should not contain any copyrighted material, unless it is known to be generally redistributable (e.g., GNU license). Contributed material may thus not include copyrighted portions of ShareGrid project.
  4. Neither the contributor(s), nor ShareGrid, nor the DCS Group, nor the University of Eastern Piemonte takes any responsibility for the accuracy, quality, or fitness for any purpose, of the material posted in this area. All the material is unsupported, and is provided with no warranty whatsoever. It is your responsibility as user to figure out whether the stuff works and whether it is any good!
  5. Contact the contributor, not ShareGrid, if you have any questions about contributed material.

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